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Download some midi songs which can be used for convention choirs
Here is some devotional midi files for you. Old and new files are available.
Add new styles to your singing.

Dedicating this site for those who wish to get free christian midi files  to praise the lord with their devine voice and melodious music.
The midifiles here are compatible with yamaha psr series keyboards only starting from psr 550.
You can download all files directly to your computer. Midi files here are categorized to access easily.
The midifile which you requrire if not listed here, please mail us on midigrand@gmail.com  along with the song.
Requesting Midi files are chargable

Make ourlife as an offertory to our lord. Sing with joy.

Its the time when he comes to our souls and heals us.
Pray through Holy Mary to  reach Jesus. 
The power of God, the Holy Spirit.